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flash animations

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Mankis web design studio studio is created by young painters.

For that reason our vision is more creative than most others you have encountered by now. We animate, illustrate, photograph, record and create content for your web pages in innumerable visual and audiovisual ways.


Our goal is not to create a big company, with many employees who do their job automatically. We don't want to have so many clients that they wait for half an hour on the phone to get one answer. We are trying to maintain that human side in Internet and we implant that idea into our work, therefor, each page that we produce is unique and interesting. We enjoy developing your web pages and each one is a new challenge and pleasure.

One of the advantages of our web design is, that in spite of making web pages that are interactive, animated, multimedial web pages in Flash, they also, differently from most others, have less kilobytes. Hence, they are faster to download and well adopted (optimized) for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Msn, Pogodak etc.

Another advantage to underline, is that we offer a content management system (CMS) for the web pages made in Flash, and also for the web pages made in other programs (such as HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, Java script...).

Our goal is to offer high quality, functional, modern solutions adapted to our clients needs.

Web design

Presentation on Internet, is today's necessary, but also the most economic way of advertising. While in other mediums (TV, radio, newspapers) one is paying a high price to advertise a small quantity of information for a short period of time, on Internet you can advertise unlimited quantity of information (text, pictures, video etc.) for unlimited period of time, paying only the price of your web page development, plus a fee for a servers web space (prices range from 200 kuna up).

Long term results – Web pages will give you long term results, without additional investments, only if you have high quality SEO (search engine optimization) and a high quality web design. We offer high quality search engine optimization which brings, in the long term, the group of clients you were searching for, and at the some time, we offer a high quality web design that will keep your client's interest.

Design of your web pages is extremely important. They have to be pleasant to the eye while delineating your personal identity. At the some time, they have to leave an impression that will stay preserved in mind long after, so that the client returns and recommends you to his friends and partners.

We use the most advanced technology and follow world trends to make the content of your web page clear and interesting. If you need high quality photographs to put on Internet we recommend our experienced photographers. They can photograph at your preferred location or in a studio, on agreed tariff. If you want to promote your products or services in a creative way we offer our illustrations and animations, and our creativity.

Customer service: available 24 hours a day - Web pages work for you 24 hours a day, communicating directly to the client. The client can send a question, an order, or can even make a payment while you are sleeping.

Another advantage of promoting on Internet is that your web pages content can be updated continuously. If you are connected to Internet you can edit the contents yourself, anytime and anyplace, just by using CMS (Content Management System). Or if you prefer, we can do it for you, on previously agreed tariff.

Internet store: opened 24 hours a day - we offer web shop applications

Counter – If you want to make sure that your web page receives enough visits you need a Counter. To have a Counter you need a program such as Google Analytics. This program is a better choice compared to other similar programs, do to his connection to AdWords (a system of advertising on Google).

We reccommend Internet pages made in Flash - Flash is today's unavoidable tool for the global promotion. Differently from ''ordinary'' HTML pages, the text on web page made in Flash can be in any font; pictures and text can be protected from copying (copy paste options). The sound is becoming a constituent part of web design. Your web page becomes an audio visual experience.

Web pages in Flash can be very simple or extremely complicated, it all depends on your wishes and imagination.



Web design packages

To simplify the choice of your web page design we elaborated three packages. Osim ova tri paketa postoji i četvrti paket koji smo nazvali Blank. Blank je u stvari prazan paket kojemu Vi određujete sadržaj i cijenu tako da nije uvršten među ova tri definirana paketa.:


5 to 10 HTML pages or 1-5 Flash pages
Unique design
Search engine optimization
Search engine submission
1 animation made in Falsh technology
Photo gallery (additional photo editing included)
Contact form
Price: approximately 1000€




10-15 HTML pages or 5-10 Flash pages
Unique design
Search engine optimization
Search engine submission
5 animations made in Falsh technology
Photo gallery (additional photo editing included)
News (a program for new entries included)
Contact form
Price: approximately 2000€



15 or more HTML pages or a complex Flash page
Unique design
Search engine optimization
Search engine submission
Unlimited number of animations made in Falsh technology
Photo gallery (additional photo editing included)
News (program for new entries included)
Contact form
Price: approximately 3000€.

Besides these three, we came up with the fourth called Blank. Blank is an empty package, you are choosing the content and the price.




Search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Pogodak etcetera, have their programs (crawlers) automatically taking information from the web page registered in their domain. The position of your web page in the search engines depends on how good your SEO is.

Look out for the companies that guarantee #1 ranking in the search engines.

Nobody can guarantee the first place for the keywords people enter in the search engines. The only solution that can guarantee you the first place, is to pay a price in some advertising campaign, such as Google's AdWords. In this case your advertisement appears among sponsored links. If you don't want to pay this sum, everything depends on your web designer, his capability, experience, and a constant monitoring of the situation, along with searching for ways in which this situation could be improved.

What is important in making your SEO more efficient?

It is important that the optimization is made for the keywords people enter in the search engines. But it is equally important that these words can be associated with you, that they can describe your web page well. It is not useful to have a lot of visitors that founded you by the words that don't describe you at all. Those visitors will leave soon without giving you any real results, except the wrong impression on how visited your web page is.

It is more efficient to be ranked in the fifth or tenth page for a keyword that describes you, than being in the first page for the keyword that doesn't describe you at all.

What can we guarantee?

We can guarantee using all legal and available tools (for example Google Analytics, Webmaster tools etc.) to offer you the best service. Submission for search engines is free of charge; all additional services depend on your needs and our agreement.

Search engine optimization costs?

Since it is necessary to optimize each page separately the price depends on number of pages. If the keyword, for which the page is optimized, is more popular, it also requires more time and more investment. Positioning is paid monthly, depending on popularity of the keyword. For more detailed information on prices, please contact us.



tel.: 003851/5595053
mob: 00385 98 642 711





With each hosting package that you purchase, you get a possibility to register one commercial domain free of charge! Once we agreed upon which of the mankis web hosting packages you want to purchase, we can proceed with the registration. While you are a member of Mankis web hosting you don't need to pay the domain's annual fee (only Croatian domain is free of charge (hr), for all others you have to pay the annual fee). Before registering one Croatian domain, please read the rules and conditions set by CARNet.

Searching for a free domain

To check out Croatian domains please click here.

To check out other domains like .com, .net, .org, .edu, .biz and .info please click here.



Standard web hosting packages make it easier to choose one corresponding to your demands. But we can also create special web hosting service package completely adjusted to suit your particular needs.

Web hosting packages also include:

Plesk TM Control Panel

Spam Assassin

RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0

10 subdomains included

Webalizer- modern and more detailed web page statistics

Prices differ depending on various characteristics, can go from 36€, 47€, 60€, 77€, 94€, 129€ per year.

Domain registration service – free of charge

Unlimited number of e-mail addresses

Unlimited monthly traffic



To update your web pages content regularly, you need a system to manage them. Mankis content management systems are simple to use and don't require taking any special courses.

You can choose between the system managing the whole content of your web page or just parts of it, for example, photo gallery, news, FAQ and etc. We offer systems suitable for supporting regular HTML pages and pages in Flash.


CD presentations

Interactive, multimedial presentation on CD is today's worldwide excepted standard. It gives you a possibility to promote a company, product, brand, touristic destination or just anything you want, in a dynamic and appealing way. At the same time it gives you possibility to protect your materials (texts, pictures, sound) from being copied (copy paste options).

CD advertising is saving your time and money because it gives you a possibility to advert greater amounts of information and multimedia.

We offer:


Concept creation and design

Cover design




Photo editing




The price of CD presentation is calculated individually, depending on options you choose and the number of copies you need.

If we already made your web page in Flash, and you want your CD presentation looking very similar, the price would be 80% less than the price of your web page.



Banners are one of today's most popular ways of advertising on Internet. They can advertise your web page, product, event or anything else, in an interesting, animated and interactive way.

Banners come in different sizes, standard dimensions are 88x31, 120x60, 120x600 or 468x60 pixels and up to 20 Kb. They can be either static or animated, and in different formats such as .gif, .jpg or .swf .

Banner needs to attract the client, but it is even more important that it doesn't irritate him/her after a while. Banner can be static and become animated in interaction with a client. Banners are linked to your web page. Usually you don't pay some defined monthly fee for them, but you pay for each time banner was viewed (PPC – pay per click system). Link to your web page can be pointed out directly on the banner, so the client, who is maybe visiting some other page at the moment and therefor can't see your page instantly, can see it afterward.


Banner Price List


FULL BANNER 468x60 pix - 38€

VERTICAL BANNER 120x240 pix - 50€

BUTTON 1 120x90 pix - 35€

BUTTON 2 120x60 pix - 33€

HALF BANNER 234x60 pix - 41€

MICRO BUTTON 88x31 pix - 31€

SQUARE BUTTON 125x125 pix - 35€

SKYSCRAPER 120x600 pix - 55€


For detailed information on prices of other banners, please contact us.


Flash animations

Today, Flash animations make an integral part of web pages, CD presentations, CD visit cards, E-cards, invitations, softwares etc.

Sound and video can be imported into Flash animations: you can make a slide-show or a photo gallery, for example.

Flash animation can also be used as an interactive guide to big building complexes. It could be programmed so that it loads external (off-site) images and data, and regardless to the animation length, can be smaller by size (less storage requirements), which makes it suitable to the Web

There are thousands of possibilities and Flash is the right tool for making them concrete. Therefor, it is difficult to establish some definite price for a Flash animation.

For simpler animations price depends on the amount of materials and the difficulty in creating the animation itself, namely, programming with ActionScript.


Google Analytics

By now you've already paid for your web page development and the search engines optimization, but how will you know that your investments are paying off?

You need to have a Counter. There are many different Counters you can get for free, but we are recommending on of the newest - Google Analytics. Differently from other Counters Google Analytics:


- doesn't waste your web hosting resources

- is clear and simple

- gives more useful reports

- is memorizing all information from the very beginning (not like the others that memorize information for only one year)

- is the only Counter that can be integrated with Google AdWords program and thus give reports on efficacy of your advertising (not even Google AdWords can give you this type of information)

- is the only Counter that can compare statistics for two different time periods


We will mention some of the most important questions on which Google Analytics reports can give answers, these are extremely important in making your web business more successful:


How many unique visitors come to your web everyday?

How long do they stay?

Which screen resolutions do they have?

How did they find you (through the search engine, through a link contained in some other page or directly)?

Which keywords they entered in a search engine to find you?

Where are they from? Which countries, cities or which language speaking areas?

Which are the most popular pages of your web and why?

Which versions of Flash do your visitors have installed?

Which Internet browsers they use?

And many other reports.


Mankis web design studio offers a possibility to install Google Analytics, and to manage the program instead of you.


The service includes:


- opening of your user account through which you will apply to the Counter

- Google Analytics monitoring code installation on each page of your web

- monitoring situation of your web daily

- some smaller changes in accordance with the analysis (if we have access to your web pages)

- counseling

- monthly or weekly reports (depends on our agreement)


Why is it convenient to let someone else manage your program instead of you?

If someone else developed and optimized your web page, and if you are not a web master, but doing the analysis yourself, the whole program will be almost useless for you.

If you see things that should be changed how will you do that by yourself? Would you know exactly what to do? When developing a web page and doing optimization for the search engines the slightest details are important. Will you call your web master each time?


If your answers to these questions are negative, and you want us to manage your program, for the price of 200 kuna we will:


- open your user account through which you can apply to the Counter


- install Google Analytics monitoring code on each page of your web

- monitor daily situation on your web

- make some small changes in accordance with the analysis (if we have access to your web pages)

- advice you

- send monthly or weekly reports (depends on our agreement)


If you still prefer to manage your Google Analytics program yourself, for the price of 200 kuna we will:

- open your user account through which you will apply to the Counter.

- install Google Analytics monitoring code on each page of your web